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Mary W. Evans, 1824

Sampler Archive ID: SA000274
Maker: Mary Wardwell Evans
Maker Birthplace: Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island
Maker Age: 10-12 years
Place Made: Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island
School/Teacher:Mary Balch School
Year Made: 1824
Decade Made: 1820-1829
Owner: Winterthur Museum
Accession Number: 1988.0054
Contributor: Winterthur Museum

Physical Characteristics

Object type: Family Record or Register
Needlework techniques: Embroidery
Shape: Tall rectangle
Object Dimensions: 19.50 H x 17.20 W (inches)
Framed Dimensions: H x W (inches)
Borders: 2
Decorative Bands: 2
Dividing Lines: None
Enclosures: None
Text types: Personal name, Date, Maker signature, Family genealogy
Text medium: Stitched
Family Record
October 1824
Barak M Evans
born January 15th
1784 in Jonston
Departed this life
Nov 18th 1822
Mary Snow born Dec
12th 1783 in Providence
Departed this life Dec
30th 1864
Elisha S Evans born Sep
13th 1807 in Providence
Departed this life June 8
Albert F Evans born
April 8th 1809
Departed this life Nov
28 1880
Sophia S Evans born
Dec 26th 1810
Departed this life Jan 2nd
James S Evans born
Dec 27th 1811
Departed this life Jan 24
Mary W Evans born
Feb 21st 1814
Departed this life Nov 7
Sarah S Evans born
Oct 4th 1817
Departed this life
March 1st 1822
  M.W. Evans
           agd 10
Motifs/Symbols: Architectural, Birds and insects, Floral and plant, Human made object
Scenes/Pictures: Mourning or memorial
Ground: Linen
Ground Condition: Wear:
Thread: Silk Unsure Crinkle silk
Thread Colors Front: Black, Blue, Brown, Gold, Green, Pink, Red, Rust, Tan, White, Yellow
Thread Condition: Borders: Intact
Text: Intact
Symbols: Intact
Other Materials: None
Stitch Types: Cross, Chain, Long and short, Running, Satin, Stem, Straight, Split
Thread Count: Vertical:

Maker History

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Birth Name:
object,Rhode Island, Deaths and Burials, 1802-1950
object,Rhode Island, Deaths and Burials, 1802-1950
Birth Location:
census records
County: Providence
State: Rhode Island
Death Date:
object,Rhode Island, Deaths and Burials, 1802-1950
Death Location:
cemetery records
Rhode Island, Marriages, 1724-1916
object, cemetery records
object,Rhode Island, Deaths and Burials, 1802-1950
object,Rhode Island, Deaths and Burials, 1802-1950
object, cemetery records
Rhode Island, Deaths and Burials, 1802-1950
cemetery records
Rhode Island, Deaths and Burials, 1802-1950
Rhode Island, Marriages, 1724-1916
Rhode Island, Marriages, 1724-1916
William Fitzsimmons CornellBirth: May 1834Death: Apr. 9, 1921
Sarah Amelia CornellBirth: Feb. 25, 1837Death: May 8, 1906
Mary E. CornellBirth: 1838Death: after 1860
Benamin Taylor CornellBirth: 1841Death: Oct. 28, 1879
Joseph H. CornellBirth: 1843Death: Jul. 16, 1916
Georgianna Ellen CornellBirth: 1849Death: 1927
Laura J. CornellBirth: 1851Death: Jul. 13, 1924

Object History

Previous Owners:

Name: Laura Cornell
Relation to maker: daughter

Name: Laura Easton Wells
Relation to maker: great grandaughter

Exhibitions: Title: Who's Your Daddy? Families in Early American Needlework
Host: Winterthur Museum
Location: Winterthur, DE
Date: Oct. 4, 2008 – Aug. 7, 2009


Author(s): Betty Ring
Title: Let Virtue be a Guide to Thee: Needlework in the Education of Rhode Island Women, 1730-1820
Publication/Publisher: Rhode Island Historical Society
Date: 1983

Author(s): Glee Krueger
Title: New England Samplers to 1840
Publication/Publisher: Old Sturbridge Village
Date: 1978

Author(s): Ethel Stanwood Bolton, Eva Johnston Coe
Title: American Samplers
Publication/Publisher: Massachusetts Society of Colonial Dames of America
Date: 1921

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