Object Details

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Sarah Holsworth, 1799

Sampler Archive ID: SA000214
Maker: Sarah Holsworth
Maker Birthplace: Unknown
Maker Age: Unknown
Place Made: Lancaster, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
School/Teacher:Leah Galligher's School
Year Made: 1799
Decade Made: 1790-1799
Owner: Winterthur Museum
Accession Number: 1957.0671
Object Credit: Bequest of Henry Francis du Pont
Contributor: Winterthur Museum

Physical Characteristics

Object type: Sampler, Teacher Biography
Needlework techniques: Embroidery
Shape: Mostly square
Object Dimensions: 16.20 H x 16.00 W (inches)
Framed Dimensions: 19.20 H x 19.00 W (inches)
Borders: 2
Decorative Bands: None
Dividing Lines: 1
Enclosures: None
Text types: Personal name, Place name, Date, Verse, Maker signature, Family genealogy, Biography of teacher
Text medium: Stitched
Leah Galligher and Rachel Armstrong the Daughters
of George and Sarah Bratten Was born at one 
birth near Wilmington Newcastle County State of 
DelaWare on the 23 day of May and was Bap
dzed in Wilmington Church by the Rev'd Mr. / Mccannon Anno Domini 1764 and Leah Bratten / Was Married to Francis Galligher by the Rev'd Mr. 
McCannon Anno Domini 1764 and Leah Brattan
was married to Francis Gallighar by the Rev'd  
Mr Stevonson on the 10 day of November 1791
and Rachel Bratten Was Married to William
Armstrong September 17 1793 by the same
Parson SteVonson L G opened School in Lancaster
on the first Day of May 1797 and had this
Sampler Made by one of her scholars viz Sarah
Holsworth in the year of our LORD 1799
Dear Saviour take the Childrens Hearts and Shoot 
thy LoVe's so fastning darts out of thy Heart
into them all that they May Love thee great and 
small. Think on the tears thy SerVant shed be
fore this School of babes We had the tears Which
still so freely run bring to the end What thoust
Lancaster poorhouse
Motifs/Symbols: Architectural, Birds and insects, Floral and plant, Geometric, Human made object, fruit baskets, paired hearts
Scenes/Pictures: Landscape, Large building (Lancaster poorhouse) in a yard with trees,
Ground: Linen
Ground Condition: Wear:
Thread: Silk
Thread Colors Front: Black, Blue, Brown, Gold, Green, Orange, Tan, White
Thread Condition: Borders: Intact
Text: Intact
Symbols: Intact
Other Materials: None
Stitch Types: Cross, Chain, Long and short, Queen or rococo, Running, Satin, Straight
Thread Count: Vertical:

Maker History

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Birth Name:
Birth Location:
City: unknown
County: unknown
State: unknown
Death Date:
Death Location:
Parents: Mother: Birth: Death:
Father: Birth: Death:

Object History

Previous Owners:

Name: Henry Francis du Pont
Relation to maker: none


Conservator: Winterthur Museum
Date: 1962
Other actions: From Winterthur catalog notes: Frame earlier than picture which is dated 1799. Needlework was apparently originally backed with glazed linen held together with a narrow dark-green silk ribbon. Glazed linen and scraps of green ribbon removed. Rebacked on new white sateen. No washing or cleaning attempted in order to preserve what little color remains in the silk. October 1962.

Exhibitions: Title: Who's Your Daddy? Families in Early American Needlework
Host: Winterthur Museum
Location: Winterthur, DE
Date: Oct. 4, 2008 – Aug. 7, 2009

Title: Winterthur Museum Permanent Display
Host: Winterthur Museum
Location: Winterthur, DE
Date: ongoing


Author(s): Winterthur Museum
Title: Who's Your Daddy? Families in Early American Needlework
Publication/Publisher: Winterthur Museum (exhibition catalog)
Date: 2008

Author(s): Betty Ring
Title: Girlhood Embroidery: American Samplers & Pictorial Needlework 1650-1850, Vol. II
Publication/Publisher: A. A. Knopf, p. 415
Date: 1993

Author(s): Susan Burrows Swan
Title: A Winterthur Guide to American Needlework
Publication/Publisher: New York: Crown Publishers, p. 16
Date: 1976

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