Object Details

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Julia Kidder, n.d.

Sampler Archive ID: SA000146
Maker: Julia M. Kidder
Maker Birthplace: Vermont
Maker Age: Unknown
Place Made: Massachusetts
Year Made: Unknown
Decade Made: 1810-1819
Owner: DAR Museum
Accession Number: 53.29
Object Credit: Gift of Mabel Owens Wilcox
Contributor: DAR Museum

Physical Characteristics

Object type: Sampler, Family Record or Register
Needlework techniques: Embroidery
Shape: Mostly square
Object Dimensions: 20.70 H x 20.70 W (inches)
Framed Dimensions: 24.00 H x 24.00 W (inches)
Borders: 1
Decorative Bands: None
Dividing Lines: 2
Enclosures: None
Text types: Personal name, Personal initials, Date, Maker signature, Family genealogy
Text medium: Stitched
Family Record
John Kidder was born Nov the 8 1761
Dorothy Joslin was born Feb 27th 1764
They were married Dec 10th 1784
Samuel Kidder was born May 5th 1786
Susan Kidder was born Jan 17th 1788
Betsy Kidder was born March 25th 1790
Dorothy Kidder was born Jan 17th 1794
John Kidder was born Jan 17th 1796
Cynthia Kidder was born Feb 27 1799
Ruth Kidder was bon Dec 17th 1800
Mary Kidder was bon Aug. the 25 1802
Julia M Kidder was born Sept. the 14 1805
Elliot J Kidder Was born Dec the 6 1808
                                                Lord 1823
My mother departed this life the third day of July in the year of our
Samuel Kidder died the 30th of October 1838
July 21
Susan Evans died
Motifs/Symbols: Floral and plant
Scenes/Pictures: None
Ground: Linen
Ground Condition: Wear:
Thread: Silk
Thread Colors Front: Brown, Green, Pink, Red
Thread Condition:
Other Materials: None
Stitch Types: Cross, Chain, Four sided, Satin, outline
Thread Count: Vertical: 30
Horizontal: 36

Maker History

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Birth Name:
Object (Initials at bottom right are JMK)
Birth Location:
City: unknown
County: unknown
State family history
Death Date:
Death Location: uncertain
DAR lineage

Object History

Previous Owners:

Name: Anna Newell
Relation to maker: daughter of Ruth Kidder and Dexter Newell

Name: Eliza Owens
Relation to maker: wife of Anna Newell's nephew

Name: Mabel Owens Wilcox
Relation to maker: daughter of Eliza Owens


Conservator: Cynthia Gompert
Date: 1989
Other actions: Mounted on archival materials

Exhibitions: Host: DAR Museum
Date: Jan 1989-May 1989

Host: DAR Museum
Date: June 2005- February 2006


Author(s): Gloria Seaman Allen
Title: Antique American Needlework: Family Records, Samplers, Conservation
Publication/Publisher: Antiques and the Arts Weekly
Date: Oct. 13, 1989

Author(s): Lawrence Kane
Title: Kidder Family Record
Publication/Publisher: Family Circle Magazine
Date: Apr. 1989

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