Object Details

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Judith Townsend, 1803

Sampler Archive ID: SA000142
Maker: Judith Townsend
Maker Birthplace: Cape May County, New Jersey
Maker Age: 10-12 years
Place Made: Cape May County, New Jersey
Year Made: 1803
Decade Made: 1800-1809
Owner: DAR Museum
Accession Number: 456
Object Credit: Gift of Mrs. Humphrey Swain
Contributor: DAR Museum

Physical Characteristics

Object type: Sampler
Needlework techniques: Embroidery
Shape: Tall rectangle
Object Dimensions: 17.20 H x 13.20 W (inches)
Framed Dimensions: 21.00 H x 17.00 W (inches)
Borders: None
Decorative Bands: None
Dividing Lines: 8
Enclosures: None
Text types: Alphabet, Number series, Personal name, Date, Maker signature
Text medium: Stitched
Judith Townsend Aged Twelve years
18  03
Motifs/Symbols: Geometric
Scenes/Pictures: None
Ground: Linen
Ground Condition: Wear:
Thread: Silk
Thread Colors Front: Black, Blue, Green, Tan
Thread Condition: Borders: Intact
Text: Intact
Symbols: Intact
Other Materials: None
Stitch Types: Cross
Thread Count: Vertical: 40
Horizontal: 40

Maker History

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Birth Name:
Birth Location:
City: unknown
County: donor information
State donor information
Death Date:
cemetary records
Death Location:
cemetary records
cemetary records
family genealogy/letter
family genealogy/letter
cemetery records
family genealogy/letter
family genealogy/letter
family genealogy/letter,cemetery records
Spouse: Humphrey SwainBirth:
Cemetery records Cape May County New Jersey
Cemetery records Cape May County New Jersey
Date: February 10, 1811Place:
Enoch SwainBirth: Death:
Jonathan SwainBirth: Death:

Object History

Previous Owners:

Name: Mrs. Humphrey Swain
Relation to maker: wife of maker's nephew


Conservator: Cynthia Gompert
Date: 1990
Other actions: remounted

Exhibitions: Title: A Century of Collecting: The DAR Museum at 100 Years
Host: DAR Musuem
Location: Washington, D.C.
Date: Oct. 1, 1990 – Apr. 22, 1991

Title: Youth is the Time for Progress: The Importance of American Schoolgirl Art, 1780-1860
Host: DAR Museum
Location: Washington, D.C.
Date: Dec. 5, 1997 – May 4, 1998

Title: Telling Their Stories: 19th Century Samplers and Silk Needlework
Host: DAR Museum
Location: Washington, D.C.
Date: Apr. 11, 2008 – Aug. 30, 2008

Title: Hail Specimen of Female Art! New Jersey Schoolgirl Needlework, 1726-1860
Host: Morven Museum & Garden
Location: Princeton, NJ
Date: Oct. 3, 2014 – Mar. 29, 2015


Author(s): Morven Museum & Garden
Title: Hail Specimen of Female Art! New Jersey Schoolgirl Needlework, 1726-1860
Publication/Publisher: Morven Museum & Garden, p. 116
Date: 2014

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