Object Details

Image courtesy of Rhode Island Historical Society

Susan Arnold Burrill, 1810

Sampler Archive ID: SA000056
Maker: Susan Arnold Burrill
Maker Birthplace: Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island
Maker Age: 7-9 years
Place Made: Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island
Year Made: 1810
Decade Made: 1810-1819
Owner: Rhode Island Historical Society
Accession Number: 1974.28.1
Object Credit: Bequest of Eleanor B. Jilson, 1974-04-01
Contributor: Rhode Island Historical Society

Physical Characteristics

Object type: Sampler
Needlework techniques: Embroidery
Shape: Tall rectangle
Object Dimensions: 16 H x 12.2 W (inches)
Framed Dimensions: There is no frame.
Borders: 1
Decorative Bands: None
Dividing Lines: 7
Enclosures: None
Text types: Alphabet, Number series, Personal name, Place name, Date, Verse, Maker signature
Text medium: Stitched
Susan Arnold Burrills sam
pler, wrought at eight years of age,
Providence, February twenty eighth,
one thousand eight hundred ten.
My dearest child improve life's morning fair
The arts of dress should be your lesser care
Early exertions of the needle heed
And ornaments of taste will sure succeed
Your friend instruction with delight will blend
And fears too soon the pleasing talk will end
Motifs/Symbols: Floral and plant, Geometric
Scenes/Pictures: None
Ground: Linen
Ground Condition: Wear:
Thread: Silk
Thread Colors Front: Blue, Gold, Green, Pink, Tan, Yellow
Thread Condition: Borders: Moderate loss
Text: Moderate loss
Symbols: Intact
Other Materials: None
Stitch Types: Cross, Eyelet, Half cross, Satin, Stem, Straight
Thread Count: Vertical:

Maker History

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Birth Name:
object, RI birth records
Rhode Island Vital records
Birth Location:
object, Rhode Island Vital records
County: Providence
State object, Rhode Island Vital records
Death Date:
Rhode Island Vital records
Death Location:
cemetery records
Early Connecticut Marriages Ancestry.com
Father: James Burrill Jr
Rhode Island Vital records
cemetery records
Spouse: William Ray GreeneBirth:
Cemetery records
Date: November 26, 1821Place:
Susan Burrill GreeneBirth: Oct. 18, 1823Death: Apr. 19, 1904
Elenor Burrill GreeneBirth: Mar. 10, 1825Death: Aug. 2, 1904
Mary Elizabeth GreeneBirth: Oct. 23, 1827Death: Mar. 31, 1837
Catherine Ray GreeneBirth: Sep. 3, 1828Death: Aug. 13, 1829
Caroline B. GreeneBirth: Aug. 15, 1829Death: Mar. 21, 1830

Object History

Previous Owners:

Name: Eleanor B. Jilson, 1974
Relation to maker: Unknown


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